• License to Chill: Choosing a Proper Cooling System

    Whether you’re just starting your wine collection or already have a bounty of bottles, the right cooling system is critical to safeguarding your valued vintages. But how do you decide which is ideal? Your best bet is to start with understanding the basics...


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  • Refrigeration Perfection: Insulation and Vapour Barriers

    At Exquisite Wine Cellars, we believe your wine must be protected and respected. In addition to attaining a beautiful balance between functionality and aesthetics, proper insulation and vapour barriers are a must when it comes to creating your ideal wine storage space...

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  • Valued Vintages: Raise Your Property Value with a Custom Wine Room

    There’s no question that a beautifully bespoke wine room adds elegance, character and a sense of artistic individuality to a home. But it can add to the resale value of your residence, as well...

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