As a wine connoisseur, you understand the meaning of quality. 

You understand that adding a wine storage area to your home is an investment. It is there primarily to protect your investment, and for you to display your collection that you both love and cherish.

So do we.

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Bespoke Wine Cellars Scottsdale

Temperature and humidity, balanced.

At Exquisite Wine Cellars, not only do we understand wine, we understand how it needs to be stored. The importance of temperature, the importance of humidity, and the effect these have if not correctly balanced. Wine is an investment to be enjoyed, not only in the visual sense, but also through the senses, the taste, the touch, the smell. Nothing compares to a fine wine that has been expertly stored before drinking.

Our approach is simple. Your wine cellar or wall should be a masterpiece to behold. A central feature of the living or dining area that not only you, but friends and family will also admire.

However, form must follow function. A wine room must protect and age your wines as nature intended. It must replicate the conditions found in the caves hewn from rock in the French and Italian mountainsides that have aged wine for centuries. In fact, the word for cellar in French, is ‘Cave’

Bespoke Wine Cellars Scottsdale