Our Process

Bespoke design of wine cellars and wine walls in Scottsdale, Arizona

Craftsman built

Our ironworkers are able to fabricate anything in metal. If you desire the latest, ultra-modern contemporary designs, they can make it. If you would like wrought iron hinges, they can make it. The only limits are your imagination.

We only work with one cabinet maker. Over the course of the last 30 years, his craftsmanship can be found in many custom homes in the Greater Phoenix area. He only does two things: Custom and excellence. Everything he and his team does, is hand built. If you want 100-year-old beams pieced intricately together to replicate a wine cellar from the Maconnais region in France, or an ultra-modern sleek design from the 10th floor of a contemporary apartment in Milan, he will build it. You won’t like it; you will love it.

Our glass supplier has been serving the valley for the last 25 years. Quite simply put, they do exceptional work. Their products can be found everywhere in the United States, from California to New York City. Relatively speaking they are a small company. This allows them to keep a tight rein on quality, and it shows.

Our tile setter has been setting tile for 30 years. He revels in challenging projects, and is more akin to an artist than a tile setter. His work is exceptional. Tight, consistent lines, neat cuts, perfect grouting, and fastidious attention to detail are his hallmarks.

Our electrician has worked in the valley for the last 20 years. He is also a licensed HVAC installer; he deals with both of these technical areas of installation. 

Our team of framers, insulators and drywallers have all worked in construction for many years. They are a tight crew and are used to working in properties deserving of a high-quality installation. Speed, efficiency, punctuality, politeness and cleanliness are their stock in trade.

The Company Director, and Project Manager, brings 25 years of specialized construction management to this complex and technical field. With a background in Civil Engineering, technical mechanical project installation in an International Research Organization in Europe, living amongst the vines and cellars of the old world. This is the knowledge and experience that he has a passion for sharing with his clients.

Dream, Design, Develop

You need to dream to find what you want to achieve. Once you have the vision, we need to get that into a form that can be discussed and understood by all parties. That’s where we have the project rendered so that we all understand what the finished project will look like.

Then we develop. We transform raw materials into the design. This is where the magic happens. 

A beautiful design is only the start of the process. Traditional, contemporary, old country. If you can describe it to us, we can build it. 

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