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About Us

David James has never been someone to sit still. From his upbringing in the United Kingdom, his early years were spent in Rural Staffordshire surrounded by 18th century farms and buildings. These stone-built buildings that, as a child, he played in, always fascinated him. The old hand cut wooden beams, the Millstone grit, a type of rock native to the North of England, cut by masons, the foundations laid on compressed clay. Buildings that had stood for hundreds of years, built by simple, yet skilled craftsmen.

In the mid 90’s, work took him to France, where time spent in the mountains and valleys was never wasted. Surrounded by ancient buildings and vinyards, his fascination was piqued even further. Living near to the Maconnais region, and later by the Swiss vinyards, he marveled at the construction techniques, and enjoyed the coolness of a Wine Cave as a refuge from the summer heat. The gentle humidity and the enveloping chill that was felt as the steps led down onto the flagstone floor that had been walked over for centuries by the negociants and the workers as they carried bottles in for storage, to be laid down, and enjoyed by generations to come.

His passion for building and eye for detail have driven his vision of recreating these very structures here in The United States.

Our Services

We design and build wine cellars, walls and rooms. Above or below ground. We handle all the stages of production. We manage all the trades. We deliver what we say will deliver. 

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