Functionality vs. Aesthetics: Having It All

“Design is where science and art break even.”
Mieke Gerritzen, Designer, Artist & Director

Who doesn’t want the best of all worlds? Beauty and value. Performance and attractiveness. At Exquisite Wine Cellars, we strive to make the impossible not only possible, but easily attainable. However, there are always choices to be made to get you to the end result you’re looking for. What’s your highest priority? What kind of space do you have to work with? Are your leanings toward modern, traditional or a unique hybrid of styles created just for you?

Here are just a few things to contemplate when you’re putting together your list of “must- haves”:

Know Your Number – The size of your wall or cellar will depend largely upon what kind of collector you are (or want to be in the future). Do you prefer to surround yourself with hundreds of different bottles, or focus on a handful of rare vintages from one or two of your favourite producers? How many of the bottles do you want to be displayed with special lighting or staging (label or cork forward) within the wall?

Stay in the Zone (or Not) – Even though red and white wines are served at different temperatures, they are both generally stored at the same temperature of approximately 55°F. So, it’s entirely up to you whether or not you prefer to have different zones within your storage for reds, whites, rosés or any other colours you may fancy. You might also want to consider whether you’d like to group different types of bottles together, from splits and standard sizes to magnums and double magnums (Note: There are actually ten bottle sizes above the double magnum. However, housing more than three of them at any given time would necessitate constructing something the size of a BevMo, so we’ll just leave those details out for now.)

Understated or Centre Stage? – While all of our creations are designed to be…well…exquisite to behold, there is still the question as to how much of a presence you want your wine storage to have in your home. The classic scenario of the cellar in the basement is ideal if you aren’t particularly interested in having all of your bottles on display and/or taking up living space (plus, there’s the added benefit of complete protection from direct sunlight). However, if you’ve got room above ground and the desire to showcase your collection, we can create a striking space for your wine that allows it to shine (whilst keeping it temperature controlled and under proper, non-damaging lighting).

With a little careful consideration, we can help you craft a wine wall that truly has it all. Shoot us an email, send a text or simply pick up the phone. We’d love to chat with you and answer all your questions!